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Welcome to Maverick 


Huntsville's Premier Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai Academy

What makes us different?
Jiu Jitsu at Maverick

Start with other beginners on day 1

NO required expensive school uniform

NO sign-up fees

Beginners learn from our Basics Curriculum

Equal number Gi and No Gi classes multiple times per day

No silly required titles; we're all equals on the mat

Ability to rank up regardless of preference (Gi/No Gi)

Promotions based on merit and skill in Jiu Jitsu

Unlimited access to ALL classes and amenities

Jiu Jitsu with other gyms

No beginners focused classes

Must buy school uniform to train

More $$ just to sign up

Learn whatever the coach feels like showing that day 

Limited class availability throughout the week

Call instructor by title or get ignored, cannot ask higher belts to train

Must train in Gi to rank up

Promotions based on attendance, belt tests, and $$

Restricted access unless you spend more $$ 

Muay Thai at Maverick

All students with ANY goal are welcome

Hobbyists get the same attention as fighters/competitors

Friendly, light sparring and SEPARATE competition sparring classes

Step by step techniques broken down and explained EVERY class

Muay Thai with other gyms

Only want "tough guys" who want to fight

Coach focuses only on the fighters, leaving hobbyists unattended to

Hard sparring only, leading to injuries and fewer students engaging in sparring

Coaches show combinations with no technicial breakdown

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